Try some Tasty Tulips

April 25, 2018 5:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Aren’t the tulips fabulous this year! I am on a mission to taste as many tulip petals as I can. They are all edible and have surprisingly different flavours. Most have a fresh crunch like an iceberg lettuce, but their flavours are complex – sometimes sweet and fruity, sometimes floral and fragrant and then, surprisingly they can be quite spicy, like rocket.

Tulipa Lalibela is reputed to be one of the tastiest – I have some on order from an organic grower, so I’ll let you know next year.

Sam is experimenting with different fillings for our next Tasty Garden Talk and to give to the question panel on Radio Sussex ‘Dig-It’ programme at South Downs Nursery on April 29th. For a sweet try filling with primrose curd or my spicy tulips shown here are lovely with smoked mackerel pate.
Remember to only try organically grown, chemical-free petals, not from a florist or grown from newly planted bulbs from the garden centre.

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