Make the Most of Blossom Time

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Our long wait for warmer weather this year, seems to have left time for the spring blossoms to come into their own. We think of it as one quick flush of colour, but choose carefully and you can have Prunus blossoms from December to May.

The very earliest is Prunus subhirtella autumnalis is a very welcome surprise in the winter months, and if carefully placed a single tree can brighten the coldest winter day. Next comes Prunus mume Beni-chidori, the Japanese apricot, which has a lovely vibrant pink blossom in February. It is not often seen, but a great tree for a small garden – it does need some pruning, but it is worth it to keep it flowering for a long time.

Then in March things start in earnest, with delicate, single-flowered Prunus Okame before the full flush in April with classics like the upright  Prunus amanagawa and the weeping cherry, Prunus Kiku-shidare-zakura. These take us into May, when white double flowered prunus avium plena and the good performer, Prunus Pink perfection finish the season.

Cherries tend to be shallow rooting. They can cause problems with mowing if planted in a lawn and lift paving if near a patio – so best to give them their own space. They can also be susceptible to silver leaf, so only prune them when their sap is high in the growing season, so their wounds will heal quickly. Use clean blades and seal the wounds with wound paint.

Apart from that, they are easy and many have great autumn colour. We are spoilt for choice.

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